About This Project

In countries like Turkey, where serious natural disasters occur frequently, developing effective disaster management policies is essentially a high national priority. As underlined by the experiences from the relief operations performed for some recent disasters (e.g., the earthquakes in Haiti and Turkey in 2010 and 2011, respectively), humanitarian relief organizations encounter significant logistical challenges in the post-disaster relief stage. Relief distribution network design problems, which determine the decisions on the locations and inventory levels of the response facilities with the goal of delivering supplies to the people in the affected areas as early as possible, are of critical importance for effective relief operations. In this regard, Dr. Noyan has been working on decision-making models under uncertainty for humanitarian relief network design problems. In particular, she has developed stochastic optimization models that address the critical concerns such as accessibility, equity, and network reliability. For the recent relevant publications (Hong, et al. 2015; Noyan et al. 2016; Elçi ve Noyan, 2018; Elçi, et al. 2018; Noyan ve Kahvecioğlu, 2018), you can visit Dr. Noyan’s personal web page.